Changes to age group registration and field standards

In 2016, the world of youth soccer will continue its evolution as all members of U.S. Soccer will begin to transition on two key factors to encourage further youth development. The first change will be the nationwide adoption of small-sided games and the second will be a shift from school-year to calendar year for the age grouping of teams.

Both CalNorth and NorCal have adopted the recent mandates and will be implementing them for the Fall 2016 season beginning August 1, 2016.

Does this apply to all teams?

Yes.  Folsom Soccer Club has decided to adopt the new mandates.  All competitive teams within FSC will move to the new calendar year registration.  The Rec program will also follow the mandates; however, the FSC Board of Directors has approved a new “play up” policy for recreational teams to allow previously formed teams (2008 players and older) to stay together by allowing the younger players to play in the older age group, something that was previously not supported.

New Age Groups


Where can I get more information?

  • Read the FAQ’s 
  • Check with your comp team’s coach or email Kyle Hamilton.  As additional information becomes available, we will communicate this out to the coaches directly